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Dyeing, spinning and knitting are my passion, my raison d'être! I find endless fascination in the alchemy of dyeing and spinning, how the fibres and colours interact with each other and transform into something entirely new.
This is the official blog for my store, Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre, which you can visit at There you'll find hand dyed yarn, spinning fibre and hand spun yarns in vibrant colours inspired by nature. I dye in small, limited edition batches using professional grade acid dyes in my smoke free, feline friendly studio in Vancouver BC.
I try to keep my blog posts relevant to fibre arts but occasionally other subject matter sneaks in. I mean, really, can you ever see too many pictures of cute cats?


Jeez, people with jobs, why you keep demanding money and stuff?!

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Grumpy Bum Monster Pants - free knitting pattern from The Wandering Lady. Very Halloween-y!

Yarn, yarn, lots of hand dyed yarn!

Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre’s October Phat Fiber Box contribution - the theme is Ancient Egypt. The colour way was inspired by the greens and blues of Egyptian Faience, one of the oldest forms of glazed ceramic. Full size skeins are available on BFL sock and MCN sock.


Wa na na na na na na na Bat Shawl! - Emilee Mooney

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I love how designer Keiran Foley photographs his beautiful shawls.

(via Chris Hopkins Art - Paintings)

This painting by Chris Hopkins, Dancing Ladies Haida, makes me feel happy just looking at it…

I just pre-ordered Knitting Stories” by Sylvia Oslen, one of my favourite authors! It’s due to be published in late November and Sononis Press ships free within North America. I loved her previous book, Working with Wool, too. Can’t wait!

Spinning anyone?