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Dyeing, spinning and knitting are my passion, my raison d'être! I find endless fascination in the alchemy of dyeing and spinning, how the fibres and colours interact with each other and transform into something entirely new.
This is the official blog for my store, Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre, which you can visit at There you'll find hand dyed yarn, spinning fibre and hand spun yarns in vibrant colours inspired by nature. I dye in small, limited edition batches using professional grade acid dyes in my smoke free, feline friendly studio in Vancouver BC.
I try to keep my blog posts relevant to fibre arts but occasionally other subject matter sneaks in. I mean, really, can you ever see too many pictures of cute cats?

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Mmmm, this recipe sounds tasty and easy, just the way I like my cooking to be!

Hand painted roving for spinning or felting at Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre.


I love the colours in this beaded mandala. These are the same colours I’ve been inspired to dye lately.


My mom is weaving cotton towel fabric

We visited my parents in Sedona on Sunday to go for a hike. My mom is currently weaving kitchen towels in a twill pattern on her 36 inch, four shaft LeClerc floor loom. The yarn is 3/2 pearl cotton from the Georgia Yarn Company. She plans to give away most of the towels as presents.

My mother has been weaving since the 1960s. She first became interested in weaving when she was about 10 years old. Her grandmother showed her linens and other weavings she wove as a teenager in Hungary. I learned to weave from my mother in the 1970s. When she was not weaving herself she would put warps on for me and my sister to weave. I remember weaving a twill sampler around age 11 or 12, for example.

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At Fibres West I bought a beautiful Russian support spindle from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts and I’m learning how to spin on it. It’s quite different from the spinning wheel and drop spindles I’m used to.