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Dyeing, spinning and knitting are my passion, my raison d'être! I find endless fascination in the alchemy of dyeing and spinning, how the fibres and colours interact with each other and transform into something entirely new.
This is the official blog for my store, Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre, which you can visit at There you'll find hand dyed yarn, spinning fibre and hand spun yarns in vibrant colours inspired by nature. I dye in small, limited edition batches using professional grade acid dyes in my smoke free, feline friendly studio in Vancouver BC.
I try to keep my blog posts relevant to fibre arts but occasionally other subject matter sneaks in. I mean, really, can you ever see too many pictures of cute cats?

I took a workshop, “Photographing Your Knitting”, at my LYS, Baaad Anna’s. These are my pics of our model wearing my Revontuli Shawl, another terrific free pattern on Ravelry.—huivi-northern-lights

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    Photograph your knitting? More like WERK your knitting.
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    GORGEOUS!!!!! and the Scarf’s pretty cool too. :)
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